Whitening for Life Program

A Great Smile Makes All the Difference
Introducing our $50 Whitening for Life Program

 * With paid cleaning and exam (Services covered by most insurance companies)
*Over $200 value

At Star Valley Dental, we value our patients and believe that every beautiful smile should also be a healthy smile.  We are pleased to offer our Whitening For Life Program and feel it will help our patients maintain their healthy smile through regular professional care.  In dentistry, prevention is always preferred to restoration, both in cost and time.

We hope you enjoy this program and we would invite your family and friends to come be a part of it and enjoy a beautiful smile for life.

  Upon Enrollment You Will Receive:

*Custom, professional take-home trays

*A carrying box for the trays

*Three tubes of whitening gel

*Take home fluoride rinse

*One tube of whitening gel will be given twice a year at your hygiene appointments

Program Provisions

1. Each existing patient must have completed a hygiene appointment within the last 6 months, which includes prescribed hygiene treatment, exams, and appropriate x-rays.

2.  Each new patient must complete a new patient exam, appropriate x-rays and prescribed hygiene treatment.

3.  Star Valley Dental has the right to refuse Lifetime Whitening if deemed necessary based on patient health conditions, misuse, abuse or any other factor deemed necessary to void the offer.

Continuing Eligibility

1.  Patients complete regular hygiene appointments which consist of prescribed cleanings, exams and appropriate x-rays

2.  Lost or destroyed custom trays will be replaced at cost to patient.

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